Most of us are confused which platform to start blogging either it is WordPress or the blogspot platform which one is better to go ahead but each one of the platform has its own advantages and disadvantages to be taken aside. Most of the new bloggers gets confused because of this thing. If you compare WordPress with blogspot platform than blogspot is not up to the mark. Most of the professional bloggers use WordPress as their key focus rather than going for blogspot platform because blogspot doesn’t give you a professional look and doesn’t offer much quality things that WordPress can offer. Both these platforms are free to start blogging with.

Why WordPress Is Better Than Blogspot Platform

If you want you can go ahead with blogspot but later on you can even change to WordPress if you feel that the blogspot is not a cup of your tea. Blogspot is started by Google and offers a few features when you compare to WordPress platform WordPress offers enrich features with better search engine ranking and then search engine optimization. Professional looks and designs are the main key areas of blogging from which you can succeed your blog and these qualities are present in WordPress.

In this article I’ll be showing you why WordPress is better than blogger platform by various ways.


Blogspot VS WordPress

Blogspot VS WordPress

Here you can find the numerous examples showing that why WordPress is better platform when compared to blogspot.

Self Hosting WordPress and Self hosted blog

Blogspot is not-self hosted blog but WordPress is self hosted blog. Self hosted blog are better when compared to blogspot. Blogspot been provided by Google is a free facility and is not-self hosted it is one of the features provided by the Google to the users. But when coming to WordPress platform it is self hosted offering numerous features and benefits to the users.

Professional feel and look

In blogspot there is no professional feel that the visitors may experience because themes and support offered here is less. WordPress stands up in the market to achieve success in this category. WordPress itself is a professional blogging platform from which you can employ premium themes, plug-ins and also support is well-managed.


Plug-ins are nothing but add-ons that enhance the features of any particular thing. Plug-ins offers enhanced features that doesn’t exist in the blogspot. WordPress plug-ins play a major vital role in many ways like search engine optimisation, social media reach, and many more but blogspot doesn’t support any plug-ins and hence you have to edit the main file to make the changes.


The support offered by WordPress is much better when compared to blogspot. Each plug-in whatever you install in your WordPress can be easily managed and if you need any help and support you can usually contact the plug-in owner itself for any doubts and clarifications.

Strong reputation

WordPress is liked by millions of people when compared to blogspot. Because WordPress is a self hosted blog and it carries its own reputation with it. Once the WordPress was launched it was joined by millions of people to make a mark. If you’re really serious about blogging than WordPress is here to go with.


WordPress can be easily customized as per the user requirement by adding more number plug-ins and choosing variety of themes of free and premium. Customization plays a vital role in blogging because many of us want to make changes according to our requirement. Blogspot can be customized by it is time-consuming and you need much knowledge to deal with it. So WordPress wins the race even here.

Unlimited free and premium themes

Blogspot lacks in professional themes but WordPress offers unlimited free and premium themes that you can buy and install easily depending upon your nature of your blog. Blogspot themes are not that professional when compared to WordPress.

AdSense approval

Self hosted blogs are usually approved by AdSense very fast due to the professional nature and copyright free content. AdSense approval relating to blogspot is a little bit strict but can be accepted of quality content. So WordPress approval is really fast with the good content and better user experience.

Search engine optimisation

WordPress blogs are better optimised than blogspot due to numerous plug-ins available in WordPress your ranking of each blog post may increase by using this plug-ins and managing your search engine ranking but in blogspot is difficult to rank and do SEO but can it can be done.

Resale value and reselling rights

You can create any WordPress blog and sell it to your new people you want because it is Self Hosted WordPress Sites but Google doesn’t allow you to sell blogspot blogs because it is not-self hosted blog and doesn’t transfer the ownership from one person to another which take place in the sale.

Worldwide accepted globally

WordPress is a professional and user-friendly platform accepted throughout the world any country. Even affiliates websites prefer WordPress blogs to approve their account fast when compared to blogspot blogs which lack in professionally.


Updates are usually done to make the existing product impart with new features and good support so WordPress does this. There are many new version updates in WordPress that has come already and also more updates will be arriving in future for better user experience and creativity. Blogspot lacks in updates when compared to WordPress platform.

Cost of blog

If you use the service offered by WordPress like the name showing here it is free but if you use your own domain name installing WordPress on it than it may cost you for the web hosting and the domain name this is the downside of the WordPress blogs. But Starting a site with blogspot is cost-free where web hosting is provided free of cost by the Google to Google account users.

Here are some of the points shows you that wordpress remain the best professional blogging platform over the blogspot. I conclude by saying wordpress user experience is better than blogspot so guys use wordpress rather than blogspot to make history in blogging.


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