Opto Circuit

Opto Circuit

I’m very happy to tell you that I earned money from a risky stock that is opto circuit pharmaceutical company. It is a very risky stock because the share price goes up and down frequently. I remember I bought the  stock six months ago at a price of Rs.30 but this particular share touched even Rs.13 but I didn’t sell the stock I know that patience is key to success so I don’t want the profit on the same day itself but in the future date it may give better returns when compared to buying and selling on the same day.

Risky Stock-Opto Circuit

It is necessary that you have to buy a cheaper price that is quoted in the market. Before investing into opto circuit I did a solid historical research and fundamental analysis and also calculated P/E ratio of this particular stock and I was surprised to know that this particular stock even crossed Rs 100 in previous years this made me to choose this particular company to invest. Also this company belongs to pharmaceutical industry. Most of the pharmaceutical companies never go under losses because there is a high demand of the medicines and medicinal equipments.

Risky Stock-Opto Circuit

I strongly recommend to go for long-term holding of stocks instead of short-term holdings because many corporate actions take place in over the years to come. I recently sold the opto circuit pharmaceutical company stock for Rs.36. I got profit of Rs.6 per share but after I sold the stock on the next day this same stock went up to Rs.43 but I’m happy that I earned Rs.6 per share but too much greed is not good so I’m satisfied with Rs.6 per share profit. Usually risky stocks produce higher returns than the un-risky stocks

Most of the people think that bank savings are safer than stocks but I do believe it is safer but you get very less interest on huge investments. The return that we get from bank deposits is very less and with this return we can’t survive in the inflation based economy. Take an example you invested one lakh and the return on investment you get from bank is 10% annually but inflation rate is more than 10% than it is of no use of getting 10% annually because you spend more and cost of living is also high. But imagine you invest in shares and first-year, second-year you did and got any return but in third year you got 30% returns and next year 50% and the following years 10% this means to state that your return on investment is not fixed like bank 10% but in stocks the return keeps fluctuating year after year or month after month depending upon the company growth, annual results, products etc.


It was my first risky stock investment in Opto circuit pharmaceutical company and am happy to say that my key to patience brings profit to me so it all depends on the patience when selling a stock. This is how Warren Buffett made money from scratch doing simple research with patience for long-term investment. If we read Warren Buffett biography we will be impressed to know that how he made money by adopting simple tools and techniques that each one of us has but we forget to implement this in our lives but still we have time to do so.

So I recommend everyone to save money and start investing in any of the risky stock which we blew your life.


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