How to Remove Suggested Videos in Youtube : Hide YouTube Related Videos

YouTube is one of the major platform which allows users to spend their time watching useful videos that they wish ranging from music videos. YouTube has large database of videos which is really good. Any user searching a particular keyword in YouTube will never get disappointed from getting a video even if a particular video is not available YouTube brings suggested videos or related videos to that particular keyword that the user is searching for. YouTube being a top platform for videos presentation has become a billion-dollar firm.
How To Remove Suggested Videos In Youtube  Hide Youtube Related VideosI received some comments and feedback from people who are trying to embed YouTube videos in their websites or blog related to either WordPress or free blogging platforms. Users tell that they are unable to remove suggested videos that comes in at the end of every YouTube video that they embed. Embedding YouTube videos is a good practice but showing suggested videos brings down a higher competition between you and your competitor video so most people avoid showing suggested and related videos. Instead of YouTube showing suggested videos it will bring down replay video option at the end.


how to remove suggested videos in youtube

There are various methods that you can employ in order to remove suggested and related YouTube videos relating to your particular video.

1. First method to remove is by manual method where you have to go to each video and turn off certain functionalities and settings so that you can avoid suggested videos. This method is suited for both WordPress bloggers as well as other blogging platforms.

2. Another method is automated for WordPress bloggers. Whoever is using WordPress they can install WordPress plug-in in order to get rid of suggested videos. This method is suited only for WordPress bloggers.

Let’s discuss in detail each step by step procedure to avoid YouTube related videos

hide youtube related videos

How to remove suggested videos using manual method. Manual method is one of the powerful and best method suited for all platforms either WordPress or blogspot or any other blogging platform. Here is the procedure to follow

1. Open your web browser and your search engine.

2. Sign in to your Google account.

3. Navigate to YouTube or if you have the YouTube video URL then you can directly go to that particular URL or else go directly to YouTube and pick any video that you choose to embed.

4. Click on the video to play your video. Now pause your video when the YouTube plays your video and go at the end of your video to see if it is showing suggested videos. If it is showing suggested videos than more on to step 5.

5. In the same window that you have paused the YouTube video that is playing. At the bottom of your same video you will see some options like share , embed and e-mail. Click embed option.

6. Once you click embed option you will get embed code that is in HTML format. At the bottom of the HTML code you will see another option called show more. Click show more and scroll down which will allow you to change that video settings.

7. You have to just untick the box of setting called allow suggested videos when the video finishes.

8. Now copy the HTML code or the embed code of that particular video after you change this setting. Add the embed code to your blog HTML section where you want to display the video.

9. That’s all you have successfully completed removing your competitors related videos.

Hide Youtube Related Videos

Another method to remove suggested videos

The other easy method that is comfortable for only WordPress bloggers is by using a WordPress plug-in. WordPress plug-ins gain more popularity among WordPress users adding more functionalities to their blog that they manage. Users of WordPress can simply download and install the plug-in name called as Hide YouTube Related Videos. Once activated this plug-in will never show suggested videos or related videos whenever you add or embed any of your YouTube videos in your WordPress blog. Thanks to the developer of this plug-in who has introduced a cool option to automatically remove all the suggested videos showing at the end of any YouTube video. There is no set of options in this plug-in that you required to enable , just install and activate the plug-in to experience its power automatically.

Video tutorial showing how to remove unrelated and suggested videos

If you are still facing problem or confused or still didn’t understand or you are newbie to blogging or blogs removing the suggested videos. Don’t worry you could watch this video to easy your process.

If you have any feedback or comments feel free to comment or if you have better suggestion to share your feedback in the comment box. I hope this article help you to gain some knowledge about embedding YouTube videos and removing suggested and related videos. Thanks all.


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