How To Mass Unsubscribe to E-mails : Mass E-mail Unsubscribe

If we use any e-mail provider service like Gmail or Hotmail or Outlook we receive your lot of promotional and unwanted e-mails either from trusted sources or untrusted sources. Trusted sources are those sources that we are subscribe to and untrusted sources mostly contain spam e-mails or those e-mails that we have not yet subscribed to. As soon as we see any new offer or promotion listed in any other website we get subscribed to that promotion likewise there are so many promotions happening online that we have already subscribed to but we have forgotten when did we subscribe. Some of this promotions that we subscribe to gets over starting some other unwanted promotion or any other stuff that we are not interested in. So a huge bulk of promotional e-mails hit our inbox daily reducing the memory size of inbox and causing trouble to us. These promotional e-mails and unwanted e-mails striking our inbox should be removed but the question lies how can we remove them ? . They are too many promotions. How can we easily unsubscribe to these promotions and offers ?. Is there any quick solution to this problem ? . Can we free our mailbox from unwanted e-mails that we are not really interested in ?. The answer is yes you can manage your subscriptions easily by following the methods that I have listed above.

How To Mass Unsubscribe To E-mails Mass E-mail Unsubscribe

First option I recommend is the manual method of unsubscribing from each e-mail. The unsubscribe button is available on top of the e-mail or the bottom of the e-mail so you will get unsubscribe to a particular brand that you have subscribed to. This is the first method that can be used if you’re subscription or promotional e-mails are less in number but if there is more than hundred or thousands of e-mails or promotions that you subscribe to than mass unsubscribe option comes into picture which will enable you to manage your subscriptions easily.

How To Mass Unsubscribe To E-mails –

You can easily mass unsubscribe to your newsletters and promotional e-mails that you receive from various trusted or un-trusted brands. Here are the steps to follow in order to easily unsubscribe from unwanted e-mails.

1. is the option that you must use in order to mass unsubscribe to e-mails or promotions. Visit website by going to this link.

2. You have to register for free using Click register so that you could successfully register by entering your e-mail address. The registration process is very simple and easy only it will ask you to enter your e-mail address.

3. After you enter your e-mail address it will take you to the application authorisation page where you to give your permission for your mailbox either Gmail , MSN mail , Yahoo mail , outlook etc. so allow and accept all permissions from is confidential it doesn’t store your personal passwords. So you can trust on them.

4. After allowing permissions granted to Then scans your mailbox. It takes about few seconds then it displays the number of promotions that you subscribe to. In the same page you will see the listed promotions and next to each promotional e-mail there will be unsubscribe option which will allow you to unsubscribe once you click unsubscribe next to the particular promotion. So without opening any promotional e-mail you can easily click unsubscribe in You can leave the rest of the promotions if you want to keep it or unsubscribe even they too.

5. Congratulations your successfully done. Now your mailbox will not be full bombarded with promotional e-mails and offers. Mass E-mail Unsubscribe Features

Thanks to the team of who have successfully created an online platform which can be easily managed without downloading any application or software. Just 5 to 10 min steps away from unsubscribing the promotional e-mails. Also is a free option not paid which inspires all of us to use this option. I even thank the developer who have taken their wise intelligence in order to produce such a useful online mechanism. So let me talk about some of the features that offers

1. Easy one click unsubscribe option available to reduce your junk e-mails or unwanted promotional e-mails that you have subscribed in past but you have forgotten or not interested.

2. The rollup will help you to organise your own subscriptions in your e-mail. Your subscriptions that you have interest in. You’ll receive notifications from about your favourite subscribes.

3. Easy and effective way to manage your subscriptions online without downloading any software.

4. Listed categories enable you to find the exact subscription that you are looking for in order to unsubscribe.

5. E-mail clients that are supported are Hotmail , outlook , MSN , Windows live , Gmail , Yahoo mail , AOL mail and icloud.

6. You can also able to block your personal contacts in your e-mail from contacting you through e-mails. This is also one of the added advantage of In order to manage your personal contacts through you to sign up for than in your settings of your username in you will see the option called as edit contact blocking. Click edit contact blocking so that you will arrive at a page where you can easily block your contact by clicking block next to their name.

7. If you want to unsubscribe from rollup or go to settings of your unroll homepage. And at the bottom of the same page click deactivate so that you can be free from

8. You can also manage your rollup like what time do you want to receive through a newsletter. In the settings page you to select either morning or afternoon or evening.

So these are some of the excellent features available for blocking contacts or unsubscribing from newsletters and promotional e-mails hitting your inbox causing you trouble all the time.

Mass E-mail Unsubscribe

Why promotional e-mails are not good all the time ?

Promotional and offers are really important if the customer is interested in it. But unwanted and unnecessary e-mails from the advertisers causes problems to the customer. Here are some of the problems listed that shows why most of the time promotional e-mails are ignored.

1. Promotional e-mails will reduce the memory size of your inbox which will not allow you to receive your important e-mails.

2. Promotional and offer e-mails sometimes contain virus which may harm your computer.

3. Promotional an offer e-mails can be used as a tool to hack customer accounts and do fraudulent activities.

4. It demotivates the customer who are not interested in the offer.

5. E-mails are not the key targeting element in order to reach a targeted group of customers always.

6. E-mails are mostly ignored due to lack of time.

7. Lot many promotional e-mails demotivate the customers from a particular brand that they have subscribed to. Likewise the advertisers may decrease their sales because no one will be there to purchase the products.

So here are some of the disadvantages or demerits of using e-mail as a marketing tool to reach out the customers by sending promotional coupons , discounts , offers , surveys etc.

I hope this article helped you to unsubscribe from various promotional e-mails that are hitting your inbox multiple times in a single day. Do subscribe to my blog by entering your e-mail address and if you have any suggestions feel free to post a comment to the comment box listed below or contact me directly for any help.

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