Make Money On Youtube



Most of the people are wondering how to make money  from YouTube but it is very easy to earn. Nowadays making money from YouTube is popular in all the countries and among all the people especially youngsters who create many funny videos, stunt videos, learning videos which creates a positive impact on society. Here I have written this article to explain how to earn from YouTube easily by following the steps said in the article.

Things You Need-To Make Money On Youtube Videos

One-Google account is necessary which allows you to sign in to the YouTube. If you don’t have an account you can register a new account with Google it’s easy.
Google account is the main criteria from which you can log onto YouTube and upload the videos easily.

how to get started-to make money on youtube videos

Things You Need-To Make Money On Youtube Videos

Once you sign in to the Google account than go to youtube website and click upload on top right-hand corner of the YouTube page

before you upload any youtube video you must create an original video recorded by you in good camera, clarity.
Once you create the video than upload it on the YouTube website.

You need to create a YouTube channel about your profile and your image which tells all about you. You can do this by going to my channel in top right-hand corner of the YouTube page.

Once the channel is created it is easy that anybody can view your channel and the videos lying in it.

Earn money from the video you upload

Once the video is uploaded you can find the video manager in your YouTubeaccount which allows you to manage your videos that you have uploaded.
On the right side of the video you can find the green dollar symbol that lets you to monetize the you Tube video using AdSense.

Before you monetize YouTube video you need to have an AdSense account so that you link AdSense to youTube.

Earn more from videos

The more videos you upload the more you earn
The more people viewing your video the more you earn

Information to be filled while creating new video

Iitle of the video
Description of youtube video
Category under which the YouTube video calls
license and ownership rights
Privacy settings which allows the user to view for public or private

Thats it.All done enjoy.



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