Investing In Shares Is Very Rewarding – Investment Strategies For Stock Market

Investing In Stock Market Is Very Rewarding

but most of the people don’t know the fact about it they think that shares is a method to lose money and they consider it to be a gambling profession. But I consider that it is rewarding when you buy shares deciding well in advance and holding it for a long period of time. Most of us invest that part of money which we earn from our job so whenever the share goes down it really hurts our sentiments but why not we invest that part of money which is save. I usually invest my disposable income into stocks because it’s risk-free investment. Disposable income is that part of income that usually I spend like fuel savings. If you ride your bike or car fast it does not give a mileage but if you ride on a low gear with minimum speed it gives mileage. Anyhow if I ride it fast I will Loose more fuel but the strategy taken by me to ride it slow saves fuel money, that part of money I will invest in stocks so it is considered to be risk-free and whenever the stock was down it does not hamper me neither affect my emotions.

Investing In Shares Is Very Rewarding - Investment Strategies For Stock Market

A common man can be a millionaire whenever he buys more and more ownership stake in any of the company whenever a new company is born. Suppose in the year 2005 five companies started their business and I bought shares of hundred in quantity at a price of one pound or one rupee in all the five companies. I hold the shares for lifetime and then I see the trend in the movement of the prices of the shares for example in the 10 year I see that out of five companies one company share reached a thousand pounds or thousand rupees and rest all companies were shut down but it is not an issue for me because I got my original investment back that is £500 or Rs.500 that I have invested in the year 2005. This shows that even out of five companies one company makes good profit then the shares of the company go high and this is the mantra behind it.

It is more feasible to invest in long-term securities rather than than short-term because in long-term situations and prices increase due to the various economic factors and industrial uptrend,there are many corporate actions that happens like you get dividends that gets credited directly to your bank account, you get bonus issue that is for one extra share you bought previously you get one extra or the ratio of one is to one or two is to one it depends according to the company who issues bonus issue, net profit, quarterly results, internal job movements, society uptrend, cost of living, economic growth, investor relations, business expansion, government influence on business these are the various factors which influence long-term trend by which even a small person become rich like Warren Buffett.

Most of us need to cultivate the habit save money and to spend it wisely so that you invest in securities like shares,debentures,bonds and mutual funds. It is easy to invest but the only criteria is to save money and cultivate the habit among others also to do so. It is better to buy small Companies shares rather than going for a bigger companies that has already achieved growth. If you are a intraday trader who wants profit from shares within one day itself then you have to invest in bigger companies. But patience is the key to success so I recommend going long-term rather than short-term investment so that one pound or one rupee turn into thousands and lakhs.

I conclude here by saying that adopt an idea so that you spent less and save more so that some savings of disposable income goes into stock market investments. Always remember the Warren Buffett saying that buy shares at right time and sell when everyone buys.

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