Tips To Increase The Loading Speed Of The Blog

Many of you have been facing this issue for quite long time and mostly everyone want to know the techniques to make the WordPress blog load faster within seconds. If your blog loads at a faster speed than it attracts more visitors to view the blog which create satisfaction among them to load the data at the faster speed. Even this criteria is considered as a ranking system in order to rank the blog. In fact most of the visitors don’t visit those blogs which load very slow which in turn consumes lot of Internet data and time.

Increase The Loading Speed Of The Blog

why to increase the loading speed of the blog ?

To save time,energy and data

To attract more number of visitors to the blog

It improves the search engine ranking system

Creates good impression about the blog

Helps to achieve a better blog ratings


Increase The Loading Speed Of The Blog- Check It Here

Speed Of The Blog

I found a website which helps to do so,

visit  and enter the URL of your blog to test the loading speed of your blog. How much faster your blog loads that many good ratings you get. From the same site you can check DNS health ping being related information. This site offers free service to test the speed of your blog. The results offered by this website about your blog can even be shared with the help of Facebook and Twitter too.

Based on the results that you obtain from this website you can take necessary steps to increase the loading speed much better.

Tips to increase the loading speed of the blog

 Use better well optimized themes or even responsive themes which helps the user to optimize the content to load the data in a better way

Optimize more lengthy images so that the images size can be reduced to half of the original size, there are many plug-ins available which helps to do this.

Remove some of the unused and unwanted plug-ins, unwanted posts, unwanted comments, unwanted widgets, unused themes, unwanted uploads which helps to reduce the load size of the blog.

Optimize database to remove the unwanted data which increases the load size of your blog. There are many plug-ins available for blog to achieve optimum data utility.

Clearing the cache memory of your blog using various useful plug-ins available for free to download which in turn loads the website very fast.

Sometimes even choosing the best hosting provider which in turn improves the blog quality and efficiency.


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