Introduction To Make Money Blogging Without Advertisements

I have written many articles which threw some light on tutorials, tips and tricks, how to make money blogging likewise articles but I have not focused on making money without monetizing your blog or website with advertisements. Today I will show you how you can really make money with blogging without showing advertisements on your blog or website. There are some of the great techniques that you can put forth to make the same amount of money or more amount of money that you make while showing AdSense advertisements or any other advertising company advertisements. Making money online has become much popular today people are quitting their jobs to earn from the hometown or their residential place where they reside from.

How To Make Money Blogging Without Advertisements

Making money with blogging is increasing day by day as people are aware of blogging and search engine optimization techniques. We can see many new blogs coming up online with exciting themes offering numerous options to increase their earnings. The days are gone when blogging used to be nowhere. In 1990s blogging was unaware to people now blogging has become full-time and part-time profession adding value to the life of people. As we can see a tremendous growth in blogging and website industry there are many new companies coming up offering various online services to the audience like hostgator offering web hosting services or themify themes offering themes to the people who started new blog. These companies are making huge amount of profit selling online products at a discounted price. The growth of e-commerce websites has led to growth in online purchases rather than manual purchases happening from showrooms and shopping malls.


If you’re only earning by Google AdSense or making money showing up advertisements then it is well and good but today my main focus is on making money with blogging without adding advertisements. You can combine both these options to be a multitasking professional blogger or a Webmaster. You can earn by showing advertisements and also earn without showing advertisements. But I see very few people famous online marketers who are really recognized make money without advertisements. 99% of the bloggers and Webmasters make money with advertisements like Google AdSense, infolinks, direct advertisements etc. sometimes showing an advertisement in your blog or website makes the reader bore and the visitor will never visit your blog or website because he’s fed up of seeing advertisements. This will really hurt the sentiments of the visitors who are visiting your website or blog. So do not show too many ads in your articles or blogs or websites.

I carried out a survey with people who know blogging and visits blogs and websites daily and am shocked to tell you that out of 90 people only 10 people think adding advertisements into blogs and websites is really worth but 80 people were unhappy about the this situation. So we can create a small survey form to ask the opinions of the people than we can think and come to a conclusion whether to show up an advertisement or to make money without advertisements. I recommend you to fill a questionnaire carrying 10 questions with the four multiple-choice options for each question. The questions should be related to your topic and should be straightforward. Start to distribute the questionnaire within your family then your friends than your schoolmates or college mates then to your neighbours. You will see that most of the do not like ads popping up in websites and blogs. Another tip I forgot to tell you is to select an age group of people mostly youngsters starting from age 18 years to 30 years. Because youth is our future. The Youth should be motivated in the right manner to establish a developed country.

How To Make Money Blogging Without Advertisement

I thought some of the tips that you can use to make money blogging without advertisements. It is really worth reading this tips because it may change your lifestyle or your blogging style. You’ll be more focused on your content and your precious work rather than earning by advertisements.

You will make a remarkable history when you really follow this tips but this steps that I’m going to tell will only benefit multitasking people and hard-working youth. So try to extract some knowledge and information from this to achieve success in your life without advertisements. Even today the top websites and blogs are using simple method to show up advertisements but in a longer run and passage of time your visitors will decrease when you use advertising method in blogs and websites.

1. Make money from YouTube


YouTube has millions of visitors daily visiting YouTube videos and generating bulk amount of revenue to YouTube and the YouTube channel owners. Today YouTube has become much popular because people are much interested in music videos, video tutorials, music songs, audio and visual representation attract much more people who read a couple of text. So I recommend you to add videos in your articles to enrich your earnings. I understand that YouTube has inner advertisements showing when you really watch a video. But my recommendation to you is this method serves a lot better than showing manual advertisements in content and sidebars while blogging. Your article will be benefited with search engine optimization technique when you really embedded any video that you created relating to the nature of the article. Today we are proud to tell that only from YouTube we are able to get some YouTube billionaires. Who is producing really remarkable videos in high-definition in order to help people who are visiting the particular video.


2. Consultancy services – blogging

Another important method that I’d like to share with you is to offer consultancy services at a price. This method only works when you are a professional and expertise in a particular field. We can find specialized and expertise services offered by doctors, lawyers, and professional bloggers who are really experienced enough to guide visitors by helping them with search engine optimization services. You can offer consultancy services to the people at a higher price tag. I have seen many people only earning by delivering specialized services online through blogging. In order to qualify to deliver consultancy services you must have sound knowledge about the particular service that you want to deliver.

3. Setting up online store

Another great way to make huge amount of money and make your brand famous is by starting your own e-commerce store and integrating it inside your blog. You could create a another category or other title or heading on top of your blog where you can earn commissions in order to sell some recognised brands. For this you must have tied up with famous brands to deliver superb quality of services. To set up an online store you must have a sufficient amount of funds and a software engineer to make this possible. This is very new concept that I am talking about because you have seen blog integrated with an online forum but it is very rare to see an online store integrated with your blog. This is one of the possible step to create brand awareness among the readers of your blog. If this method can deliver superb services than you can separate this online store from this integrated blog to an independent store like Amazon or eBay. This was my idea and I will really work on this to start an online store recently or in upcoming future.

4. Do professional part-time guest blogging

Another important method that I want to throw light on is to do part-time blogging to earn hard cash from the invitee who invited you to do this blogging on his or her blog. Part-time and guest blogging is one of the most common method that many of us prefer to use and we are using this method in most of our day-to-day blogging activity. This concept really works for new beginners who want to set up an online brand through blogging. I don’t want to explain this topic in detail because you may be well aware of this.

5. Become an online marketer and do blogging

Online marketers are making huge amount of money nowadays because they tie up with some legal and top brands and market new products which the top brands launch. Online marketers even offer discounts on specific new products because they are direct linked to the company. The advertising product company pays a huge amount of commissions generated from sales which this online marketer people do. Online marketers usually have their personal blogs where they review products and offer links where visitors can purchase the products.

6. Be an affiliate marketer – insert links ( Affiliate ) – blogging

Affiliate marketer is a person who reviews any product or a service from the company and offer to sell the product by mentioning the link in the description or in the article. Online marketers are having in-depth connection with the company whereas affiliate marketer can be anybody like you and me. The commission is paid is really high to online marketers rather than affiliate marketer because online marketers purely in-depth are related to sell companies products and offer promotion to the companies products. Affiliate marketers just registered themselves on an online brands or company affiliate links and sell the products. Online marketers reputation is much higher than the affiliate marketers reputation. So try to be an online marketer first if you can’t succeed than be an affiliate at last.

7. Write and publish your own book or an e-book

If your English language and knowledge about the particular niche is vast than you can gather knowledge in order to setup your e-book or write a book manually and make money by selling it. Book or e-book contains copyrights of the owners so that nobody can copy exact content of your e-book or a physical book. This is one of the new concept which growth is tremendous. Try to use this method to gain popularity and make money from this method.

8. By receiving Donations from your visitors

This method is not ideal because all the visitors cannot donate because it is left to their wish. We cannot force visitors to donate some dollars it is against the rules and regulations. But if your content is really ice breaking or your content rocks and is unique than you could gather some money donated to your blog or website. In order to receive this donations you must have a PayPal account setup. If you’re working for a social cause or needy or poor people than hats off to you guys. Donation is also one of the older method that people use.

9. Participate in promotions and offers

You could participate in the promotions and offers that companies invite you to join. These offers and promotions can be sometimes very lucky for you but most of the time you will receive some goodies from the company who you join. You can sell this goodies and make money or keep it with you.

10. Participate in advertising companies

If you really participate in advertising companies who really pay you for watching ads or is doing some other activity.If you are making money from advertising companies then I would recommend you to write a blog post and insert a link to join. You’ll be paid huge commissions for referrals that you bring in. There are lots of fake companies in the market who would double your money but try a legal good company who are existed for a long time in the market and are offering good huge payouts to the members.


11. Sell your pictures and videos

If you’re a professional photographer or videographer who shoot exciting images and videos than before uploading it to YouTube or don’t upload to YouTube instead sell these images and videos in a blog post. But set a legal payment gateway to receive payments when a visitor purchases your images or videos. It is one of the new concept that you would focus on to make some hard cash.

12. Become an online teacher offering teaching services

Nowadays we are lacking professional and qualified lecturers and teachers. We are really in need of these people to shape our children’s future. Due to the tremendous growth in technology we are able to deliver online services like teaching via Skype with the help of Internet. Video tutorials can also be uploaded by a teacher or a faculty of the College to teach students. This is the main idea that I like to focus on because growth in education is necessary for a country to be a developed country manufacturing quality human resources.

Make money blogging

Finally I would like to end my conversation with you guys by saying “think better in order to live a better life” . Do same things differently so that it doesn’t look same. If people are showing AdSense or any other advertisements in their websites and blogs then to do the same you also. Try to the unique and confident about yourself to implement great things with proper thinking in order to lead a respectable life. These are the ways that will enrich your capability to earn much better without advertisements. Man is a social animal, his tendency to commit mistakes are often but repeating the same mistake doesn’t makes you perfect. So every child born is gifted with some of the talents and superior thinking power. And every child born is special we all are equal in status irrespective of whichever country we belong to.

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