In my previous posts I have discussed about How to Download YouTube Videos on Android with UC Web Browser , How to Download Youtube Videos on Any Web Browser Mobile-Tablet-PC and How to Download Videos from Any Website Any Browser on Android-IPhone-PC-Tablet. In this post we will discuss how to download YouTube videos in MP3/audio format. You might be watching many videos on YouTube you might like the music of the a particular video than you will be interested to download the music or audio file. In another case there are a lot of songs available on YouTube that you wanted to download. Sometimes some these songs listed on YouTube won’t be available in any other movie and songs download websites then the only option you got is to grab the YouTube video version of the audio of that particular track.

There are many online YouTube video converters available which will help you to convert any YouTube video to the desired audio/MP3 format but most of these online YouTube video converters ask you to either install their software or register or you need to input YouTube video URL or some of them even ask you to install extensions in the web browser and also some of the MP3 converters are not universally accepted for all platforms for example some might be available only for computers and some for android. The scope of these converters is limited due to their usability. Finding the right video to MP3 converter for all the platforms including android, iPhone, tablet and PC is an uphill task.

I came across one easy method to download YouTube videos in audio/MP3 on any platform including android, iPhone, tablet and personal computer. This MP3 converter works on all the platforms and in any web browser.

How to Download YouTube Videos in MP3/Audio on Android-iPhone-Tablet-PC

Here are easy and handy instructions to convert YouTube videos into MP3/audio.

1. Open any web browser either in your smart phone(android-iPhone-tablet) or in computer.

2. Go to YouTube website as you normally visit.

3. Search the video on YouTube that you wanted to convert into MP3/audio format.

4. Open/play the video that you wanted to convert.

5. Go to that YouTube video URL that you opened. The video URL will be located on top of your browser.

6. You have to edit the existing video URL of that particular YouTube video by adding the text “to”

How to Download YouTube Videos in MP3Audio on Android-iPhone-Tablet-PC

For example if the YouTube video URL is then it becomes and click go/enter.This is applicable if you visit YouTube website PC or desktop version of YouTube.

Convert YouTube Videos in MP3-Audio

If you’re using smart phone to browse YouTube then the YouTube video URL will be like this. Then you have to add “to”. After adding it looks like in smartphones/mobile version and click go/enter.
7. Then a new website opens and it will start converting your YouTube video into MP3/audio and will start downloading.

YouTube Videos in MP3-Audio

This is how you can convert YouTube videos easily into decided MP3/audio formats. You need not require an entire YouTube video URL to copy and paste like other YouTube converters.

Benefits of this method

This method is simple and easy to understand.

This method doesn’t require any software/add-on download

This method doesn’t require register/sign in

This method is free to carry out.

This method is applicable for all the devices including android, iPhone, tablet and computers.

This method is applicable for all web browsers.


This method is only applicable for YouTube videos and not for other streaming websites.

Watch YouTube Videos in MP3/Audio

Do share your feedback through comments about this method and let us know if you have a similar easy method to convert YouTube videos into MP3/audio. Share this method the found helpful.


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