Find recently uploaded files in Google drive easily. With this method you can access your recent uploads without searching your recently uploaded files for longer duration. If you have uploaded a single file then you can search it by the file name but what if you haven’t name the file or if you to know the file name of the recent file that you uploaded then you have to search entire Google drive. This will result in lot of time wastage. To avoid this try out this method which will help you to locate a recently uploaded single file or even show bulk files that you have uploaded.

Google drive a Google’s product has helped millions to save and share files using cloud storage technology. The files can be anything relating to photos and images, word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations etc.

Find Recently Uploaded Files in Google Drive

Here is a quick guide which will help you to search,locate and find your recently uploaded bulk files or a single file easily.

1. Login to your Google drive account.

Find Recently Uploaded Files in Google Drive

2. After you login you will be on the homepage of Google drive.

3. On the left-hand side you’ll find various options like my drive, shared with me,Google photos, recent etc.

4. Click on recent option. When you click recent you’ll see all the files well sorted and listed by today, yesterday, this week, this month. Under each category you can see your files that you have uploaded.

Recently Uploaded Files

5. So all your bulk files that you have uploaded today or a single file that has been uploaded today will show under heading today. You can grab them easily. You can even grab those files which are listed under headings this week, this month or this year. Even these old files are sorted based on yesterday, this week , this month etc.

Alternate Method to Search Recently Uploaded Files in Google Drive

Even you can use this method to retrieve your recently uploaded files or find any older file or even find bulk files.

1. Login to your Google drive account.

2. In the homepage of Google drive you will see on top search drive.

3. There will be search drive box. At the end of the box you’ll find the down arrow. Click the down arrow to sort.

4. You can sort by file type, date modified, item name, has the words, owner, shared with, located in. These are the options available which will easily pull your saved required file.

Recently Uploaded Files in Google Drive

5. Click search which will bring your saved file.

Find Recently Uploaded Files in Google Drive Video

I hope this information has helped you to save time on locating, searching and finding your required files and documents.

If you have any doubts or suggestions please post it in comments.


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