How To Earn From Adsense CPC

How To Earn From Adsense CPC

Google AdSense is one of the most popular and reputed advertising network which pays a handful of income to its members who display ads on their website or blogs. Initially publishers at the beginning earn less from AdSense but once they get used to it and exploit more options of AdSense they will earn much better. Initially new people get confused regarding the operation of AdSense account but it is easy to learn and comprehend the same. In this article I will be telling you how to earn from AdSense CPC,CTR and RPM. Let’s get in detail about this.

Adsense CPC

CPC means Cost Per Click. The AdSense pays you whenever people click on the ads that are shown in your website. It targets only people who click the ads. For example out of 500 visitors if 10 visitors clicks on the ads then you earn more when compared to CTR and RPM. The revenue generation capacity is high in this mode.

Adsense CTR

CTR means Click Through Rate. The percentage of the people who clicks on the ads that are being displayed in the website or the blog. This method uses percentage to calculate the clicks that are been made.

Adsense RPM

RPM means Revenue Per Thousand Impressions. It calculates the number of people visiting the blog watching the ads without clicking them. If your traffic of the website or blog is high then you can make more income out of this method. But to really make money from this method usually requires thousands of traffic which result in high page RPM of the blog.

How To Earn Smartly From Adsense CPC

Adsense CPC

If you want to earn more money from AdSense CPC then you have to do a keyword research on the high-paying AdSense keywords that usually have low competition, higher ranking and better visibility of the keyword. Here are the tips to do so

1. Write a blog post with original content after finding      a particular keyword with highly AdSense CPC.

2. Usually use the large banner ads of AdSense so                yours CPC earning potential increases.

3. Integrate text cum visual ads on the pages of the            blog.

4. Placement of the AdSense ads in the header, footer,      sidebars to get more clicks.

5. Encourage more visitors to click from developed            countries like USA, UK.

6. Bring more organic traffic from Google for better            CPC earnings.

7. Target a particular niche so that AdSense can set            the ads placed on it

Use these steps to increase the AdSense CPC at 200 to 300%.. If you have any doubts and suggestions related to please feel free to comment or e-mail me.

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