I received an e-mail couple of days ago from one of my friend who owns a WordPress blog but he couldn’t change the password of his WordPress blog. He was unable to find the option to change the password. Many of us don’t know where exactly the option to change password in WordPress blog lies. Passwords are very important part that shouldn’t be ignored. Keeping a healthy password and changing the password very often can be really helpful to the Webmasters and site owners. In this era of blogging where hackers are rising day by day to steal your content, hack passwords, create trouble by spreading virus.

Change Password WordPress blog

When I started blogging with WordPress blog even I was not aware how to change the password in my WordPress blog. Then I was searching many options in WordPress blog but finally I found this option hidden in a place where nobody could find it. It’s very difficult to find it. I recommend WordPress people to give an easy go option to find our existing password and to change to new password. If the WordPress people really understand this than they should try to implement so that I will not be writing this blog post or you may be not searching the answer to this question.

How to Change the Password of Your

WordPress Blog

Here is a step-by-step guide which will really help you to change your WordPress password instantly. So what are you waiting for go ahead and try this method. This method really works. If you’re well aware of this method then it is well and good but if you’re really don’t know how to get started than you may read this guidelines.

Step one. Login to your WordPress blog as usually login to WordPress.

Step two. After you login to your WordPress blog than you be always on the dashboard area it provides you many options to get through.

Step three- There will be users option on your left-hand side of the WordPress blog. This option will be presented to you on left-hand side with all other options.

Step four- Click users option in WordPress blog. After you click users option you’ll get some sub options. In that sub options select your profile option. Click on your profile option.

Step five- Once you click on your profile option you’ll be redirected to your profile settings page where you can see all the details about you. In that same page you will also find new password and repeat new password option.

Step six- Type your new password in new password area and type the same new password in area stating they get new password.

Step seven- Type a stronger password so that it is unable to crack by hackers. After you have imputed a strong password than at the bottom of the same page click save changes to apply your new password into effect. So whenever next time you log into your WordPress admin panel than you should input your new password not the old password.

Step eight -That’s it you’re done finally.

Wordpress blog

see how hard it is to change the password of your wordpress. but following the tutorial you can easily change and input any new password that you desire in your wordpress blog. try to share this article with your friends who really manages wordpress blogs so that it can be beneficial to them.

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