Benefits of a Facebook group

Facebook being one of the largest social network across the globe where millions of people join Facebook in order to use their services offered by this social network. Facebook has become famous to that extent that even if you ask a child even they know what Facebook is. Many members across the globe are being part of the Facebook. Facebook has changed the social networking trend. Any topic can be commented using Facebook and also we can re share it. Earlier days Facebook was a just a social network but today it is more than a social network it is become a business hub which allow advertisers to place advertisements and gain user visibility. When advertisements are clicked by thousands of people who are using Facebook the advertiser product get sold at a faster rate. Facebook and marketing are one-on-one technique used by online marketers to target their audience. It is not a recent trend of marketing on Facebook but people are doing it from years. Facebook earns from advertisers who place their advertisements on the Facebook page. Each advertiser has to pay a fixed sum of amount to the Facebook. If you want to target huge audience online then Facebook is the right place for you.

Benefits Of A Facebook Group  Facebook Group Tips

Online marketers target Facebook to sell their products online because their products reach huge masses of audience in an instant go. Not only marketers but advertisers also play games using Facebook to earn some hard cash. Affiliate marketers marketing the product daily in order to generate leads. Common people using Facebook to interact or communicate with each other to stay updated with the new status. We can connect with friends using Facebook across any country. Friend request can be sent to the new members whom you wanted to be friends with. The users can accept or decline your friend request. Sending multiple friend request leads to blocking of your Facebook account so try to send friend request only to the known people like friends, family members, personal members etc.

What is a Facebook group ?

Facebook group is the user-created group where members can join in order to interact with the group members. A Facebook group contains a group name like XYZ group. The new Facebook group can be open, or closed group. Usually people create closed group to discuss within the group some ideas or facts. Facebook group is created for a particular purpose like bloggers group for only bloggers or food group engaging food lovers. So each group serves a particular purpose which can benefit all the members who are a part of that group. The group is managed by admin of the group who is the head of the group. Admin has all rights and powers to block a member from a group or to do all changes to the group like editing the name of the group, changing the wall picture of the group, accepting or rejecting members in a group etc.

Why to join a Facebook group ?

If you want to socialize your content and publicize yourself then Facebook group is the right place to join. You will increase your online presence with a group. Facebook group allows interaction from all the members who are a part of the group. The group benefits all the members who are trying to discuss about a particular phenomena. Let’s discuss more about Facebook group benefits,

What Are The Benefits Of A Facebook Group ?

Facebook Group Tips

There are many benefits associated with Facebook group. Some benefits might be known to you and some benefits may be unknown to you. So discover these benefits to discover your online presence more.

1. Online presence

Your online presence will increase when you communicate with each other or a group of persons. You will be known among the group members about your qualities this will increase your online presence more in the group. After off-line presence in our schools, colleges, in family etc we are targeting online presence more because online presence can only benefit online marketers, public figures, top performers, affiliate marketers, advertisers, bloggers, Webmasters etc to increase their social presence throughout the globe.

2. SEO (search engine optimization)

Are you guys aware about SEO ? If not then let me brief you about search engine optimization technique which will guide you through improving Google page and the other engine rankings. If you have a website or blog which is struggling to get traffic than you joining social media networks and sharing your articles and links over their increases your online visibility in the search engines. This is one of the simple SEO technique but most of them are not aware of this. The more you articles you write and share in the Facebook group the more public presence you get. So join as many Facebook groups depending upon your interest and niche. If you read my article named traffic Travis than you might be surprised to see that social networks plays a vital role in increasing your page rank and SEO. Facebook likes, Facebook shares, Facebook re shares that you get will definitely improve your rankings in the eyes of Google.

3. Online help

Some people are confused about a particular topic and some people don’t have an idea what the particular thing is so for them Facebook groups is a learning medium. They learn from the members interactions from a particular groups. So online help including feedback can be a wise decision to join Facebook group. Some experts really help members of the group in various techniques and videos .

4. Better platform to ask questions

If you have any doubts or any clarifications relating to a particular phenomena than you can join Facebook group to interact with people in order to get answers to your questions. I recommend asking only to the experts rather than general people. So your doubts gets clarified easily. Your question can benefit you in doing your online projects that many schools and colleges prefer.

5. Entertainment

Apart from learning even groups can benefit their members by entertaining them. There are some of the funny groups where members post funny jokes, funny things, funny ideas, funny videos etc. which can cheer people. Entertainment section also includes chatting about television, movies, celebrities.

6. Time pass

If you wanted to spend some time on the Internet to discover some great ideas and facts than Facebook groups is a medium of passing your time really fast. You won’t believe how fast the time runs then you keep on interacting with Facebook group members. So you can fill your time easily. Instead of going to a shopping mall or a shopping complex or going out of your home which require spending money on the transportation etc. so Facebook group can help you to save your valuable money.

7. Great ideas which can benefit members

Sometimes members of the group give you great ideas and tips which can benefit thousands of people . Keep on interacting to generate some useful thoughts and ideas. This thoughts and ideas can be converted into action when properly planned and educated. Take an example If you’re willing to start a company or wanted to start your own business you need a business plan or business idea to get success. So tips and ideas are most welcomed in the groups.

8. Free to join

These groups are free to join no need of paying the entry fee. Only that admin of the group should approve you. Once you get approved you can really enjoy your group free of cost. So there is no monetary incentives that you have to pay.

9. Anybody can join

Groups are meant to for people and anybody can join any group but I prefer mostly to join niche-based group which will give you better picture an idea about the discussion out there.

10. New friends

You’ll get new friends once you and they get familiar with each other sharing new things and commenting on each article. So a good opportunity to turn your group members into your new friends.

11. Free traffic

You’ll get traffic to your website or blog from a Facebook group when you share links and articles belonging to your website or blog people click on the link and visit your link so they will be coming to your article page if they are really interested.

12. More sales and more leads

If you want to increase your sales than people oriented community groups are best groups where you can market your products and offer discounts to the members. In this way you’ll be selling your products online without a store.

13. Marketing communication

Marketing involves various steps and methods that you use in order to spread awareness to the consumers and customers about new products and trends of a particular product. Marketing only exist when people are existing in a group or somewhere else.

14. Event organizer

You can target people by creating your own events. Events are nothing but a place where some activity takes place like mobile events for mobile phones, automobile events for motorcycles and cars etc. events is similar to exhibitions at a small-scale we call it as an event. Usually product manufacturers organizes events. Lot of investment is needed in order to organize a particular event. So Facebook groups can help you to gather people visiting your event.

15. Open Feedback and comments

When you try to share your words in groups people comment on your words that you have written. So it is an open forum of feedback to the writer of his words. Open feedback can be positive or negative but it be taken as a challenge and work to improve its efficiency.

16.More updates.

You will be much more updated with the latest news, most trending topics that people are talking about in a group.

So here are some of the important benefits that you get by joining Facebook groups and they are really helpful.

What is the difference between Facebook group and a Facebook page ?

Facebook group is similar to a community forum where all members chat, interact, share things and articles, comment etc. but a Facebook page is run by a public figure usually famous persons or famous organisations use and develop their own Facebook page where they themselves share the content but the people who like the page can only comment those people cannot post their thoughts and ideas in a Facebook page. Only the admin of the page can share the information and it will reach only to people those who like the page. So Facebook group offer much more freedom rather than Facebook page. But if we consider the importance of both than both are necessary and equally important in their place.

How to view all the Facebook groups that you joined recently ?

Dear visitors you can view your all groups by clicking the group option available on left side of your Facebook homepage screen.

How to create a new Facebook group ?

Have a question How Do I Create a Facebook Group ?.It is very easy to create a new group. just login to your Facebook account and you will see the option on your left side of the Facebook homepage “create group”.click that option and fill in your group information.After you create you group invite your friends to it.

Facebook Group Tips And Benefits

Here I would like to share some of the important tips that will help you to enjoy and learn Facebook groups at the fullest extent.

1. Join only the interest-based group or niche-based group. Do not overload by joining too many unrelated and unwanted groups by which your Facebook account will be flooded with too many messages.

2. Once you join any group thank the owner or the admin who have approved you to join the group. If you don’t know how as approved your request don’t worry just take a general thank you message to all thanking the admin who approved you. In this way right from the beginning you’ll be creating respect and love and affection with the members.

3. Try to be an active participant. Don’t simply join groups as a hobby. Join to make the worth out of it. Join and visit the group daily, interact with members, share your own feelings and thoughts etc like this you will be improving your online presence.

4. Pay attention to the group guidelines that is a particular group has. Do not try to break the rules. If you break the guidelines you might be removed out of the group. Nobody likes to break guidelines so I request you all to adhere to the group guidelines strictly.

5. Do not post offensive content or copyrighted images. Copyrighted images carries a copyright associated with it so don’t create trouble by uploading copyrighted content. If you don’t have images try to create your own image in WordPad or Microsoft Word. Try to use more words rather than images.

6. Do not use abusive words and sentences in the group. It is strictly prohibited. Most of the rules and regulations: this.

7. Do not tell lies or boast in a group.

8. Avoid malpractice and misguiding. Misguidance leads nowhere.

9. Create better relation and good atmosphere in a group which will motivate all members to think positive and dream better.

10. Sometimes your member profile in a group will be appreciated by your admin of the group. In that case you might become an admin of the group. So don’t miss use your power on innocent members.

11. Join only active Facebook groups which will help you to stay updated. You will know yourself when you participate in a group if it is more active group or not.

Lastly I would dedicate this article to all Facebook fans, all Facebook group admins, all Facebook group members ,my blog visitors, my blog subscribers, my blog commentators.

Try to harness the power of Facebook and use it wisely so that it really benefits you and the society and the country as a whole. Do you have any questions or any feedback in your mind feel free to comment or contact me using contact form. Do share this important article with your friends so that they themselves can be aware about the Facebook groups and its guidelines.


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